Summer in Queensland (for medical students)

The Summer “Down Under” in Queensland program will provide students with an opportunity to experience a Summer like no other. We’ll tailor the experience just for you, with a range of free events, discounted accommodation and subsidised travel tours to choose from. Please visit the Summer “Down Under” in Queensland website for further information on the program, who can apply and the registration process. As part of this program, we have developed a suite of activities just for international and interstate medical students - please view the list below for further details.

In addition to the Summer “Down Under” in Queensland program, a range of activities are available for all Doctor of Medicine students over the summer holidays.  Please view the list below for further information about these activities and how to sign-up. 

These activities have been created in consultation with The University of Queensland Medical Society and we encourage you to take this opportunity to make connections with your classmates who are staying in Brisbane through the break.

Activities available for MD students who are eligible for the Summer “Down Under” in Queensland program

Activities available for all MD students