The St Lucia Clinical Unit is one of the main homes for students in Phase 1 of the MD program, and is the primary base for year 1 students. The unit is staffed by a team of academic and professional staff who lead the delivery of courses in Clinical Science, Clinical Practice, and Ethics and Professional Practice.

Case-Based Learning (CBL) tutorials are conducted in 14 dedicated rooms located on level 4 and level 5 of Building 69 at the St Lucia campus. These tutorials are delivered by a large team of dedicated medically-qualified casual tutors with support from the unit’s academic and professional staff.  When not used for CBL tutorials, these rooms are readily available to students for group study sessions.

To book a CBL rooms outside of scheduled teaching activities, please refer to the Booking with UQ Book It website. Rooms are available to book as follows outside of scheduled teaching activities:

  • Level 4 CBL rooms - 1 booking per day and must not exceed 1 hours in duration per student booking.
  • Level 5 CBL rooms - 1 booking per day and must not exceed 3 hours in duration per student booking.
  • Room 401 and outside of opening hours bookings can be requested via email and will be approved on a case by case basis.

The St Lucia Clinical Unit space on level 4 of Building 69 also has a dedicated student hub area which includes a study lounge and booths, computers, 24-hour usage lockers, a kitchenette, and a large seminar room that is also available for casual study sessions or event bookings.

The opening hours are as follows:

  • St Lucia Clinical Unit Enquires Counter: 8.00am to 4:00pm - Monday to Friday
  • Student Hub, CBL Rooms and Seminar Room: 6.00am to 11.00pm - Monday to Friday

The staff in the unit work closely with academics in the School of Biomedical Sciences, the School of Chemical and Molecular Biosciences and the School of Public Health, as well as engaging clinicians from the Faculty’s hospitals and elsewhere to contribute to Phase 1. The academic staff also support several scholarly projects to enhance learning and teaching in the MD. For example, projects aimed to support students completing the USMLE, to enhance feedback from examinations by using online assessment, to train and support case-based learning tutors, and to support integration of ethics to case-based learning.

Academic Title Holders

UQ Medicine is proud to acknowledge that our provision of high quality medical education and research would not be possible without the work of our hospital and clinic-based health professionals. 

Find out more about Academic Titles at UQ.

Courses We Teach

Clinical Practice: 

MEDI7121 Clinical Practice 1

Course coordinator: Dr Ashlee Forster -

MEDI7122 Clinical Practice 2

Course coordinator: Dr Ashlee Forster -

MEDI7221 Clinical Practice 3

Course coordinator: Dr Sharee Stedman -

MEDI7222 Clinical Practice 4

Course coordinator: Dr Venkat Reddy - 

Other Clinical Practice Coordinators:

Ms Belinda Swyny (Lecturer in Clinical Medicine) -

Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald (Clinical Communication Skills) -

Ms Maree Keller (Procedural Skill Workshops) - 

Ethics and Professional Practice.

Head, Discipline of Medical Ethics, Law & Professionalism - Dr Sarah Winch -

MEDI7131 EPP 1

Course coordinator: Ms Nicole Shepherd -

MEDI7132 EPP 2

Course coordinator: Dr Sarah Winch -

MEDI7231 EPP 3

Course coordinator: Dr Bryan Mukandi-

MEDI7232 EPP 4

Course coordinator: Ms Nicole Shepherd -

Clinical Science:

Clinical Science: Course and Module Coordinators Details - See attached for a list of all Clinical Science modules, duration, coordinators and email addresses for 2019.

MEDI7111 Clinical Science 1

Course coordinator: Dr Pieter Jansen - 

MEDI7112 Clinical Science 2

Course coordinator: Dr Christian Gray -

MEDI7211 Clinical Science 3

Course coordinator: Dr Joan Li -

Other Clinical Science Coordinators:

Dr Ashlee Forster - 

Dr Ben Barry - 

Dr Iulia Oancea - 

Dr Megan Steele - 

Dr Saleem Babri -

Dr Sam Chan - 

Dr Sharon Darlington - 

Dr Venkat Reddy - 

Other course contributors: Dr Claire Aland, Prof. Mark Midwinter, Dr Suja Pillai, Dr Peter Simpson, Assoc Prof Glenda Gobe, Dr Mary-Louise Roy-Manchadi, Dr Sherry Wu, Dr Melissa Reichelt, Dr Peter Landy, Dr Justin Ridge, Dr Marloes Dekker, Assoc. Prof. Joe Rothnagel, Dr Jack Wang, Dr Julia Pagan

MEDI7212 Integrated Clinical Studies

Course Coordinator: Dr Iulia Oancea - 

Course design team: Dr Ben Barry, Ms Nicole Shepherd, Dr Peter Hill, Dr Sue Vlack

MEDI7281: Foundations of Medical Research course​

Course Coordinator: Dr Megan Steele -

Other course contributors:  Dr Ben Barry, Ms Nicole Shepherd, A/Prof Di Eley

Information for potential supervisors of medical students

OH&S Information for supervisors

Course commencement information for supervisors

MEDI7282: Preparation for US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1​

Course Coordinator: Dr Pavla Simerska - 

Other course contributors:  Dr Christian Gray, Dr Sharon Darlington

MEDI7283: Creative Writing for Clinical Excellence ​

Course Coordinator: Dr Sarah Winch -




Head of St Lucia Clinical Unit
Dr Ben Barry
Phone: +61 7 344 31408
Address: Level 4, Building 69, St Lucia.

Team Leader
Mrs Amarjeet Kaur
Phone: +61 7 344 32047
Email (students): 
Email (staff and non student external enquires):
Address: Level 4, Building 69, St Lucia.



All students who attend classes at the St Lucia Clinical Unit are required to complete a local building induction. This induction is held in the first Case Based Learning Tutorial of Semester 1. Please see below a copy of the induction.

St Lucia Clinical Unit Building Induction for Students


Please see below Building Induction for staff who teach or are located at the St Lucia Clinical Unit. If you require a building induction, please contact us on to organise a time.

St Lucia Clinical Unit Building Induction for Staff


MedEx Program

We are really excited to offer you this new service in 2019 as part of the Medical Student Support Strategy. 

The service includes:

  • Free, supervised exercise sessions Monday - Friday all year round
  • Supervision from Accredited Exercise Physiologists plus, involvement from allied health students (exercise sport scientist and clinical exercise physiology) from the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
  • Services available on St Lucia Campus: St Lucia Clinical Unit and Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences + Off Campus: UQ Healthy Living, Toowong and PA-Southside Clinical Unit
  • Free, individualised exercise physiology consults
  • Discussion and provision of resources regarding exercise as medicine

Why are we doing this?

  • Contribute to the Medical Student Support initiative
  • Benefit of exercise to physical and mental health of medical students
  • Inter-professional education opportunities for medical and exercise physiology students
  • Potential future impact on patients

Please go to the MedEx Community site for further information.