The UQ Thoracic Research Centre at The Prince Charles Hospital is a Centre of the PCH-Northside Clinical Unit at The University of Queensland. It is also closely aligned to the Thoracic Medicine Department of The Prince Charles Hospital.

Our Aim: ‘Research for Respiratory Health’

Our Purpose: ‘Improving lung health through translational, clinical, molecular and genomic research’

This Research Centre is focused on undertaking clinical, translational and scientific research to improve lung health, particularly relating to lung cancer, mesothelioma, and chronic airway diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - COPD, and asthma). The UQTRC has a multidisciplinary research team with medical staff, research nurses, a research laboratory and administration and management roles. The laboratory is a fully functional molecular laboratory, capable of most molecular genetic techniques and administers the extensive TPCH Lung Biobank, which supports research with lung research with specimens collected over a 20 year period. Funding to support research projects is currently obtained from a range of funding bodies including NHMRC, ARC, DDB, TPCH Foundation, Cancer Australia and the Cancer Council of Queensland.

Positions are available for staff and students - please contact us for information about current positions.

We are interested in enthusiastic people in the following areas:

  • Health Practitioner, Science or Medical graduates seeking to contribute to lung health research
  • Honours/Masters/PhD students wishing to make a difference to people with lung disease
  • Volunteer researchers seeking to donate time and energy to advancing scientific research
  • Summer students

The ACRF Centre for Lung Cancer Early Detection

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Centre for Lung Cancer Early Detection is an Australia-wide multi-disciplinary research initiative, led by Professor Kwun Fong, and will conduct basic and clinical translational research into methods for detecting lung cancer at the earliest possible stage.

Centre for Lung Cancer Early Detection

We have a number of exciting PhD opportunities available for prospective PhD students.

Our research spans diseases and platforms including:

  • lung cancer, new ways of diagnosis, staging and treatment
  • mesothelioma and asbestos disease
  • COPD
  • Microbiome and breath metabolome
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Promoting health lungs
  • Insight into lung ageing
  • Established and emerging threats to health such as air pollution and carcinogens such as asbestos
  • Genetics and genomics, susceptibility, acquired mutations, SNP, eQTL
  • Epigenetics and epigenomics
  • TMAs and immunochemistry
  • Digital PCR and ultrasensitive molecular detection
  • CT Screening and early detection including breath testing for disease, liquid biopsies, risk prediction
  • Tumour banking for accelerating scientific discoveries
  • Collaborative international projects such as the IASLC TNM databases, TCGA
  • Clinical guidelines and best practice
  • Multidisciplinary care
  • Advanced bronchoscopy and imaging
  • Disease risk factors, prevention and risk prediction
  • Translating research to the clinic for healthy lungs

Download our list of current projects

Director of the UQTRC

Professor Kwun Fong, Team Leader: Lung cancer
Phone: +61 7 3139 4000
Email Address:

Senior Researchers

Professor Ian Yang, Team leader: Airways diseases - COPD, air pollution, ageing
Phone: +61 7 3139 4000
Email Address:

Associate Professor Rayleen Bowman, Team leader: Mesothelioma
Phone: +61 7 3139 4000
Email Address:

Clinical Research Team and Students

Dr Henry Marshall, Clinical Academic Fellow
Phone: +61 7 3139 4000
Email Address:

Ms Linda Passmore, Research Nurse
Phone: +61 7 3139 4000
Email Address:

Ms Elizabeth McCaul, Research Nurse
Phone: +61 7 3139 4000
Email Address:

Ms Deborah Courtney, Research Nurse
Phone: +61 7 3139 4000
Email Address:  lung

Ms Jacci Brady, Research Nurse
Phone: +61 7 3139 4000
Email Address:  lung

Ms Pam Fung, Research Nurse
Phone: +61 7 3139 4000
Email Address:  lung

Current PhD students

Ms Barbara Page

Current Masters Students

Mr Jeff Overington
Mr Marsus Pumar

Laboratory Team and Students

Ms Maria Martins, Laboratory Manager
Phone: +61 7 3139 4110
Email Address:

Dr Felicia Goh, Postdoctoral Scientist
Phone: +61 7 3139 4110
Email Address:

Ms Brielle Parris, Research Assistant
Phone: +61 7 3139 4110
Email Address:

Current PhD and Honors Students

Dr Marissa Daniels, PhD Student
Ms Annette Dent, PhD Student
Ms Janet Shaw, PhD Student
Ms Kelly Chee,  PhD Student
Ms Annalicia Vaughan,  PhD Student
Ms Eloise Shaw, PhD Student
Ms Hanna O’Farrell, Honours Student. 

Address: UQ Thoracic Research Centre
Level 1 Clinical Sciences Building
The Prince Charles Hospital
Rode Rd Chermside 4032
Phone: +61 7 3139 4110