The Sunshine Coast Clinical Unit Research Group was established on the Sunshine Coast in November 2010. There are currently approximately 50 active clinical trials and research projects ongoing in the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS) that involve staff with UQ Academic Titles.

The group focuses on addressing the gap between basic or clinical science and everyday practice. We aim to foster collaborative, multidisciplinary research and believe that the progressive, evolving health care environment on the Sunshine Coast puts us in an ideal position to test the implementation of new treatment interventions and models of care in the 'real world'. Although translational and implementation reseach will be our main focus, it will not be at exclusion of bench top research and other research methodologies.

The SCHHS Research Office and Clinical Trials Unit is now collocated with the Sunshine Coast Clinical Unit in the Sunshine Coast Academic and Research Centre, Waterfall Road, opposite Nambour General Hospital. This strategic collocation of research and education will be developed further with the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital opens in 2017.

Research carried out in the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, over more than 25 years, has largely consisted of substantial involvement in pharmaceutical clinical trials and some participation in investigator led multicentre studies and registries. More recently there has been a significant increase in local original research and publication.

A number of clinical departments at Nambour General Hospital are currently involved in research. These include: Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, Surgery, Anaesthetics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology,  Cardiology, Renal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Geriatric Stroke Medicine and Gastroenterology. There is also increasing multidisciplinary research involving Allied Health and Nursing as well as collaboration with the University of the Sunshine Coast.

The UQ Sunshine Coast Clinical Unit is collaborating with the SCHHS and USC to accelerate the development of research prior to the opening of the Skills, Academic and Research Centre (as part of the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital) in 2017.

Please visit the medical student research portal to see the opportunities we have for students to undertake research projects at the Sunshine Coast Clinical Unit. 

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Associate Professor Steven Coverdale
Head of Clinical Unit, Sunshine Coast
Phone: +61 7 5470 5644

Sam Miles
Clinical Unit Team Leader
Phone: +61 7 5470 5644

Physical Address:
Sunshine Coast Academic and Research Centre
5 Waterfall Road

Postal Address:
University of Queensland
Sunshine Coast Clinical Unit Research Group
Nambour General Hospital
PO Box 547