UQRCS offers a clinical training experience like no other.  Our approach is patient-centred and complemented by the latest innovations in medical education and training.  Our classrooms are teaching hospitals, specialist consulting rooms, general practices and health care settings throughout rural and regional Queensland.

UQRCS has an intake of up to 150 medical students in the clinical phase of the medical program who live and work at one of the major academic sites for at least the duration of an academic year. In addition, there are shorter term (4 - 16 weeks) residential placement opportunities available to all UQ medical students through an extensive training network comprising host communities in rural and remote Queensland and elsewhere. 

As well, UQRCS provides the vision and intellectual framework for the academic Discipline of Rural & Remote Medicine, ensuring experts in rural health inform and guide curriculum development and delivery in the University's medical program

Our academic sites feature learning resources and facilities that support and facilitate face-to-face, bedside and online learning.