Unlike traditional narrative reviews or expert summaries, a systematic review attempts to select, review and synthetise all high-quality evidence regarding clinical interventions and diagnostic test accuracy. Studies are selected with a minimum of bias and appropriately synthesised in order to summarise available research evidence with the same amount of rigour that was required to generate that evidence in the first place.

Many health care professionals depend on systematic reviews like the Cochrane Reviews to provide evidence that will support their decision making in their day-to-day care of their patients.

At the Discpline of General Practice we believe that being able to conduct a systematic review is an essential skill for research students and academics to acquire and we are undertaking a number of Cochrane reviews. We also hold regular workshops to assist members of our Discipline and hope to extend this to providing workshops for external adacemics and health professionals.

We often involve undergraduate students so they can develop a taste for research and many of our authors teams comprise national and international experts in the field of primary health care.

If you have an idea for a review or are interested in joining a review team, please contact Professor Mieke van Driel.

Recently published protocols and reviews


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