5. Before student research begins

Forms icon1. Please remind your student to complete the Unpaid Work Experience Form (UWEF).  

The UWEF is mandatory for every UQ medical student involved in Extra-Curricular Research. If your student does not complete this form, they will not be covered by UQ's insurance whilst undertaking Extra-Curricular Research.

Please note the conditions of the UWEF

  • Extra-Curricular Research is considered as Unpaid Work Experience placements by the Education (Work Experience) Act 1996.
  • Unpaid Work Experience placements cannot exceed more than 30 days (240 hours) in one calendar year. Consider your research in hours – not days.
  • If your research spans over 2 calendar years you must submit a new application for each year.
  • The Head of the Host Organisation or delegate must sign this form – not the supervisor. Unless the supervisor is also the Host Organisation Head or delegate, they do not sign. If you are unsure who this is, please ask your unit (research) manager.

2. Please remind your student to Register their research on the Portal. 

After the UWEF is fully signed and endorsed by the Medical Dean (delegate), it will be returned to the student. As supervisor, you should ensure you receive a copy.

At this time, students must Register their research via the online form on the Portal. 

The above are mandatory requirements for every medical student doing extra-curricular research. Your assistance in ensuring you and your student comply with these steps is much appreciated.