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Welcome to the PhD or MPhil program in UQ Medicine. We enrol the largest number of research higher degree students of any School at UQ and correspondingly have the highest number of PhD and MPhil graduations per year. Candidates may undertake a PhD or MPhil by itself or combined with the MD program. Visit the research in your medical degree section for more information about how to combine research with a medical degree.

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RHD milestones

One of the many advantages of completing your RHD at UQ is knowing that you will be supported every step of the way. The University’s milestone process is designed to provide you with the opportunity to articulate your research to your colleagues and receive feedback and guidance throughout your candidature. The process will help you to successfully complete your program within 3 to 4 years (PhD) or 1 to 2 years (MPhil).  UQ Medicine has a milestone process tailored to the specific skills and attributes required in your field of research. 

Visit our Milestone Events page for details on forthcoming review dates.

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The Graduate School provides a wide range of skills training, professional development opportunities and networking activities for RHD advisors and administrators. Skills Training is offered year-round and presented by a range of UQ divisions. The programs for each group have been developed to support the particular needs of academic and professional staff working with PhD and MPhil students.

Ethics approvals

Student research is subject to ethics approval. 

Learn more about low-risk ethics approvals

Finding a supervisor

To find a Supervisor in your field of interest please visit:

Essential information


Further Information

  • Managing your candidature
  • ​RHD Forms
  • Thesis preparation and examination
  • RHD Events
  • Scholarships and prizes
  • Welfare, international student support, counselling, and financial assistance
  • Online catalogue searches
  • Online databases
  • Statistical advice and support
  • Ethics support


Remote candidates are invited to view the slides from the Induction session in Feb 2016, below.

(The following IP items are not linked as they are not for general access.  They can be emailed to individual students, upon request.)

  • Intellectual Property (Dr Celia Webby)
  • Intellectual Property Agreement
  • Intellectual Property notes for Principal Advisors


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