Enrolled MD students and provisional entry MD students who are interested in the Concurrent MD-MPhil must first obtain approval from the Faculty of Medicine to apply for the Concurrent MD-MPhil. 

Eligible MD students can enrol in a part-time MPhil degree at the start of Year two of the MD and undertake their MPhil research part-time and 'concurrently' with their full-time medical degree. The part-time MPhil can be completed within two to four years.

The MPhil does not need to be completed to coincide with graduation from the MD but it is strongly recommended that MD-MPhil students strive to finish the MPhil at or close to graduation.  

  • It is the student’s responsibility to understand all the requirements for enrolling in and undertaking the MPhil. All details can be found at The Graduate School.
  • It is the student's responsibility to understand the eligibility requirements for enrolment in a MPhil degree.
  • It is the student's responsibility to understand the Milestone system and all details of what is required and expected to complete the MPhil. All details can be found at the Graduate School’s RHD Milestones page. 

Benefits of Concurrent MD-MPhil

  • The concurrent MD-MPhil offers a select number of research-focussed MD students the oppportunity to combine a part-time MPhil degree with their MD.

  • While the UQ MD offers content around preparation for research, the development of independent critical-thinking, the ability to develop theoretical concepts, and critically analyse one's findings are set in the realm of scientific enquiry attainable only through active participation and training in the research process.



Student eligibility into the Concurrent MD-MPhil is based on the Graduate School General Award Rules (GAR) that set out the University's formal entry requirements for the MPhil degree.In particular, GAR sections 4.4.2 and 4.4.3. 

Two basic requirements are essential to allow application into the part-time MPhil:

1)  An undergraduate bachelor's degree and

2)  Research Honours Class II (or above)*

*For students who do not have an Honours degree, please read additional details for satisfying the prior research training requirement:  Evidence of Relevant Experience.


The entry point to Concurrent MD-MPhil is at the start of Year 2. This means that students must be approved to apply for the RHD by August/September in Year 1 of the MD for commencement in January Year 2.

Selection criteria

Only medical students who demonstrate all of the following criteria will be approved to apply for the Concurrent MD-MPhil: 

  • meet the MPhil enrolment requirements specified by the Graduate School,
  • attain (and maintain) high academic merit; i.e. a GPA greater than or equal to 5.5 throughout the medical degree program,
  • demonstrate interest and prior experience in research as determined through Graduate School enrolment approval, and
  • have an interview with the SoM Director of MD Research.

Please remember, interested students must obtain permission from UQ Medicine to apply for concurrent enrolment in the MPhil.

Steps to apply

  1. Ensure you understand all of the above information.
  2. Ensure you are eligible to apply for the MPhil according to the rules set out by The Graduate School, understand the Milestone requirements and have a GPA from your first year MD =>5.5.
  3. Identify a research area to develop into a MPhil project. Check out our Medical Student Research Portal and visit UQ Researchers to identify an Advisor who has previous experience in supervising RHD students and is agreeable to supervise your MPhil.
  4. Send your curriculum Vitae (CV) and a brief outline of your interests to the Director of MD Research Associate Professor Di Eley.

Research supervisors

The Student Supervisor information document provides information to research staff who are supervising or considering the supervision of a Concurrent MD-MPhil student.