Student research portal

The Student Research Portal was established to be a comprehensive source of information for students and research supervisors to post, locate and enquire about available research projects and activities, report student research activity and achievements, and express an interest in teaching into the medical program. For details on the research options for students, click the Research in your medical degree button above.

For students wishing to engage in research projects or activities, follow the steps below. 

Step 1. Find a research project

Students in the Medicine Program  can find a research project or activity via a searchable database at 'Find a Project'. Options include volunteer/extra-curricular, PhD, MPhil, Honours and short-term projects.

Other research projects or activities can be found throughout the Faculty via:

For further information visit 'Research in your Medical Degree'.

Step 2. Complete the Student Volunteering Research Form

Once you have arranged research with a supervisor and before you begin, all students doing voluntary research must complete a Student Volunteering Experience Research Form. Download the appropriate form below.

Note: ensure you download the most recent version below - older forms will not be accepted.

Step 3. Register your research

You must register any research activity or project you are involved in during your medical degree. Whether it is research at UQ or elsewhere - it all matters. Especially if you are doing voluntary (extracurricular) research. By registering your research, we can officially acknowledge and recognise these activities as part of your medical program and you will receive a certificate when you graduate. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Register your research

Step 4. Report your research achievements

UQ Medicine takes great pride in the research achievements of our students. Please use the form at the link below to enter your research achievements. These might include: journal publications, conference abstracts, oral or poster conference presentations, grants, awards, newspaper articles, interviews and invited talks.

Report your research achievements

Posting a project

It's easy to post a research project for students. Before posting a project, please read through the Advice on supervising students in volunteer research document.

Step 1: The button below takes you to a form for you to enter the required information on any research project or activity you wish to offer a medical student. You may submit as many as you like at any time, but it is better if you have several similar projects to combine them into one posting with a more generic title to attract students. It is best if the title is not too specific. 

Step 2: When you submit the form you will receive an email confirmation of what you submitted. All projects will be uploaded as soon as possible to the Find a project database.

Step 3: Students will send you direct enquiries about your project from the Find a project page, and are asked to attach their CV. These enquiries will go to the contact email address you specified on the form. The email sender will be ''. 

Step 4: Please respond to any student enquiries at your earliest convenience, or within one week. Even a quick reply is sufficient and will be much appreciated.

What happens next? 

  1. Once you have established contact with the student – it is up to you and the student to progress a research arrangement (or not). 
  2. If you agree on a suitable work plan that fits your needs and is feasible within the student’s MD responsibilities and timetable, you and your student will need to complete the Student Volunteering Experience (Research) Form. Student Volunteering Experience (Research) Form - For voluntary research at any UQ research facility, or Student Volunteering Experience (Research) Form: Mater Research – For voluntary research at the Mater Research Institute.
  3. After you and your student fill out and sign the form, send back to for signing by the Medical Dean.
  4. The final signed form is sent back to you and your student for your records.
  5. Finally, please remind your student to ‘Register’ this research on the Portal on the ‘For Students’ page.

Please do not start your research until the volunteering form has been signed and returned to you, and the student has ‘Registered the research’ on the Portal.

If you have any queries or comments please do not hesitate to contact A/Prof Diann Eley, Director of MD Research.

Post your project

Provide feedback

If you have any comments, suggestions, or would like us to update your project listing, please contact us. You can complete our online feedback form here.

If you feel that your enquiry or comment is confidential, please feel free to contact A/Prof Diann Eley, Director of MD Research on

Email Student Research

Find a project

You can find a research project or activity during your degree through this searchable database that contains a variety of research projects suitable for students.

Step 1: Search 'Find a Project' for area of interest, location, name or just browse. New projects are listed at the top.

Step 2: Click on the project title for more information about the research and the supervisors.

  • It is best to right click and open each project in a new tab, so that the search results are not lost.

Step 3: Click the "Enquire" button on the project summary page if you are interested and want to know more. You can attach your CV to your enquiry. After you submit you will receive an email confirmation with a copy of your enquiry.

Step 4: Once you have established contact with the research supervisor, it is up to you and the supervisor to progess a research arrangement (or not). If you are doing volunteer/extra-curricular research, please follow the requrements of Extended Research outlined on Research in your Medical Degree.

Step 5: Once you have arranged research with a supervisor and before you beging, please 'Register your research' and complete the 'Student Volunteering Experience Research Form'. 


    • Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre
    • Caboolture Hospital
    • Child Health Research Centre
    • CSIRO Australian e-Health Research Centre (Herston)
    • Greenslopes Private Hospital
    • Jamieson Trauma Institute, RBWH
    • Mater Research Institute
    • Ochsner Clinical School
    • Prince Charles Hospital
    • Princess Alexandra Hospital
    • QIMR Berghofer (Herston)
    • Queensland Brain Institute
    • Queensland Children's Hospital
    • Redcliffe Hospital
    • Redlands Hospital
    • Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
    • Rural Clinical School (Bundaberg)
    • Rural Clinical School (Hervey Bay)
    • Rural Clinical School (Rockhampton)
    • Rural Clinical School (Toowoomba)
    • School of Biomedical Sciences (St Lucia)
    • School of Public Health (Herston)
    • St Andrews Hospital
    • St Lucia campus
    • Sunshine Coast clinical unit
    • Translational Research Institute
    • UQ Centre for Clinical Research (Herston)
    • UQ Diamantina Institute
    • Wesley Hospital