• Dr Angela Trieu

    Multiple Research Opportunities

    Biomedical engineering, Biostatistics, Cancers, Data analytics, Epidemiology, Gastroenterology, Genomics, Gynaecology, Health informatics, Health services, Immunology, Infectious disease, Liver disease, Lung and allergy, Medical education, Medical ethics, Medical image analysis,
    Mental health, Neuroscience, Pathology, Pharmacology, Public health, Respiratory and thoracic, Rural and Indigenous health, Both types will be considered (i.e. you are flexible with your project/s), QIMR Berghofer (Herston), Dr Angela Trieu
  • Coral Gartner

    Clinical trial of nicotine vaporisers (e-cigarettes) for smoking cessation among priority populations living with co-morbidities

    Cancers, Cardiology, General practice, Infectious disease, Internal medicine, Liver disease, Mental health, Primary care, Public health, Respiratory and thoracic, School of Public Health, Volunteer/extra-curricular , Dr Coral Gartner

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