• Cancers
  • Epidemiology
  • Pathology

Location: Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH)

Type of student: Volunteer/extra-curricular

Type of work: 

  • Chart review
  • Clinical work
  • Statistical analysis

Project outline:

Various patterns of care and outcomes projects for cancer patients will assist in future planning, evaluation and management of cancer services. Currently detailed state-wide diagnosis and treatment cancer information is not routinely captured. The objective is to review and record detailed information from pathology reports for statistical analysis and reporting.

Project requirements:

  • Review and extract clinical information from pathology reports
  • Enter information into a State-wide Queensland Health database–QOOL


Assist in providing timely and complete data for The Partnership and Cancer Sub-Committees to fulfil their functions. The results of the projects will be disseminated to the Health Department, Hospital and Health Services, Hospitals, Cancer specialists and the public through publications in peer-reviewed journals, state wide reports and presentations at relevant meetings and conferences.

See CAQ website for example of reports and projects.


  • Learning anatomical pathology structure and terminology
  • Gain an insight into pathways and treatments for cancer patients
  • Develop knowledge of health systems
  • Experience clinical and non-clinical research

HR requirements:

  • Sign a confidentiality form to work with identifiable patient records

Prerequisite skills: All skills will be taught. Ideal for novice students.

Visit the Cancer Alliance Queensland website.


Shoni Philpot

Shoni Philpot

Queensland Cancer Control Analysis Team
Health Research Fellow
Queensland Health

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