Field: Surgery and subspecialties

Location: Queensland Children's Hospital

Type of student: 

  • Extra-curricular only (this represents research work experience opportunities that students may do during spare time and holiday periods)
  • PGY1: Post-graduate year 1
  • PGY2: Post-graduate year 2

Type of work:

  • Chart reviews
  • Clinical work
  • Statistical analysis

Brief synopsis: 

Tonsillectomy is one of the most common procedure performed by the otolaryngology, head and neck surgeon. It is not without risk. Main postoperative risks are of pain and bleeding. There are a raft of techinques and devices on offer to perform tonsillectomy. Bizact is one such device.

This will be a propective randomised controlled trial comparing Bizact with other devices to ascertain risk of post operative bleeding and pain using this new device.

Contact person

Jemma Porrett:


Dr Nicola Slee

Director, Paediatric Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Department
Queensland Children’s Hospital