• Epidemiology 
  • Health informatics 
  • Infectious disease 
  • Public health 

Location: Ochsner Clinical School

Type of student:

  • Both HDR and Extra-curricular 

Type of work:

  • Chart reviews

Brief synopsis:


1. Research student will search Ochsner COVID-19 Research Database for eligible patients - Adult patients with a confirmation of COVID 19 infection (nasal swab - PCR) who were admitted to OMC from March 15, 2020 to May 15, 2020 and were crucially ill and/or died
2. Research student will call family member/partner/friend/next of kin. Research student will seek permission and engage in phone survey with an adult member of the household, preferably next of kin. Each phone survey will cover demographic data, health status, and COVID-19 presentations of each member of the household. The data will be provided by the next of kin. Each conversation would take 5-10 minutes. Study will target 200 households for complete data on at least 100.
3. Research student will complete data entry for survey results
4. Research student will gather data from medical record of the hospitalized patient

Skills needed

  • Searching and entering data into database
  • Will receive coaching on etiquettes of conversations with family members (including situations wherein the patient died of COVID-19)

Duration: Data collection and organizing data will take approximately 4 weeks. Start around May 15.