• Cardiology
  • Emergency medicine

Location: Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital

Type of student: Volunteer/extra-curricular

Type of work: 

  • Literature review
  • Secondary data analysis

Prerequisite skills: Literature review skills

The study is looking at single ordering of the cardiac biomarker, troponin. Our current guidelines recommend that only serial tests be taken, but we know that this is not the case for all pts in practice, and we want to understand more. I have a huge linked dataset that will allow us to investigate this more.

In brief:
This study will examine a data set of >7000 patients who had a single troponin test performed during the acute phase of their presentation to the emergency department of a tertiary Australian hospital. It will examine the demographics, diagnostic related groupings and disposition of the patient group.

This is a retrospective cross-sectional study. Data collection will consists of gathering information regarding emergency department presentations, troponin testing pathology information, diagnostic related grouping information and patient demographics. Inclusion criteria were adult patients receiving a single troponin test within 4 hours of presenting to an emergency department. Exclusion criteria were those patients who had more than one troponin test performed within 12 hours of presenting to the emergency department, as well as patients who had been transferred to the tertiary centre from another hospital, and patients who had presented to the tertiary hospital more than once in a 24 hour period.

Time frame: Start early 2018


Associate Professor Jaimi Greendale

Research Fellow
Queensland Health, RBWH
Professor Louise Cullen

Professor Louise Cullen

Senior Staff Specialist
Dept of Emergency Medicine, RBWH