Field: Emergency medicine

Location: Redcliffe Hospital

Type of student: Volunteer/extra-curricular

Type of work: Chart review

Prerequisite skills: Enrolment in medical school, year of enrolment not relevant

This audit is looking at sepsis identification and management using the most current guidelines. Comparison of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) vs qSOFA to identify patients and ensure they received the correct care while in emergency.

Patients are then monitored through their hospital admission for outcome results.

This project involves chart reviews and has significant learning potential, as you will be reading the approaches of emergency doctors of various levels for sepsis diagnosis and management.

Even though there is no promise of publication, volunteers will receive a certificate in recognition of involvement and contribution.

Time frame: 5 to 20 mins per chart. Approximately 500 charts to review. Currently there are two doctors working on these charts.


Dr Steven Hocken

Medical Officer
Queensland Health