A safe, sustainable water supply for remote-living Indigenous Australians

Safe Water was established in September 2018 at The University of Queensland (UQ) by Professor Wendy Hoy, Director of the Centre for Chronic Disease and the NHMRC Chronic Kidney Disease Centre of Research Excellence, UQ, and Dr Nina Hall, School of Public Health, UQ. 

The Safe Water Coalition consists of a growing number of internal and external partners. 

The project aims to optimise the provision of safe drinking water in remote and semi-remote areas, with a particular focus on areas with known contamination.

An inaugural Safe Water Summit was held in Brisbane in November 2018. Thirty expert presentations were delivered by representatives of remote Indigenous Communities, the water and water services industries, State and Federal Governments, and, the university sector Australia-wide. Program and abstracts.

Current funding is provided by The University of Queensland Global Change Institute's Flagship Project (2018-2020). Past funding from ANSTO- Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, UQ School of Public Health and UQ Faculty of Medicine, is gratelfully acknowledged.   

For general and partnership enquiries, please contact a team member:
Professor Wendy Hoy

Professor of Medicine and Director Centre for Chronic Disease and NHMRC CKD CRE

Centre for Chronic Disease, School of Clinical Medicine


Dr Nina Hall

Senior Lecturer

School of Public Health


Associate Professor Nicholas Osborne

Associate Professor in Environmental Health

School of Public Health


Susan Mott


Centre for Chronic Disease, School of Clinical Medicine