Field: Psychiatry

Location: Sunshine Coast Clinical Unit

Type of student: Both PhD/MPhil and Volunteer

Type of work: 

  • Literature review
  • Qualitative methods

The local surfing community on the Sunshine Coast/Queensland has a specific way of celebrating the life of one of their own. They honour a fellow surfer who has died, with a paddle-out ceremony. Little is known and published about this way of celebration and this way of coping.

The author intends to review the current literature.

This will be followed by interviewing local celebrities, local elders and local surfers and other water enthusiasts in order to establish a clearer picture of this custom and whether the local custom differs from procedures described abroad. The interview will be in a semi-structured way.

We intend to report on the local rules and customs of the Sunshine Coast, on the local variations compared with other national or international descriptors, on the importance placed on this ceremony by the local community and on the meaning and importance of such a local ceremony

Prerequisite skills: Preferred surfer; good communications skills; interest in qualitative analysis



Dr Frieder Lehmann-Waldau

Academic Title-Senior Lecturer
Sunshine Coast Clinical Unit