• Health services 
  • Mental health 
  • Neuroscience 
  • Psychiatry 
  • Public health 

Location: Ochsner Clinical School 

Type of student:

  • Higher Degree Research only i.e. PhD or MPhil (intercalated MD-PhD & MD-MPhil) 
  • Extra-curricular only (this represents volunteer research opportunities that students may do during spare time and holiday periods) 
  • Both HDR and Extra-curricular 
  • Honours students 
  • 4 Unit Masters of Public Health (MPH) Student 

Type of work:

  • Literature review 
  • Systematic review 

Brief synopsis:'

Project 1: Narrative review to propose a working model of Mental health INnovation Diplomacy (MIND) and provide recommendations referencing the roles of the individual diplomat, with systemic approaches to innovation, community programs, education and training, research, and global partnerships in mental health to develop the field of MIND.
Project 2: Construct a model of Brain Capital: public health recommendations informed by a literature review converging the findings of multiple disciplines within neuroscience, mental health, and technology in the contexts of policy and diplomacy for optimization of brain function and quality of life.

Prerequisite skills: None

Time frame: -

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Dr Harris Eyre

Dr Harris Eyre

Ochsner Clinical School