Field: Paediatrics

Location: Child Health Research Centre

Type of student:

  • Extra-curricular only (this represents volunteer research opportunities that students may do during spare time and holiday periods)
  • PGY1 
  • PGY2

Type of work:

  • Chart reviews 
  • Literature review 
  • Secondary data analysis 
  • Statistical analysis 
  • Systematic review 

Brief synopsis:

Multiple projects relating to aspects of sleep in children with Down syndrome. Includes a study to evaluate residual OSA in children with DS and compare management between two centres (Brisbane and Sydney). Also work to evaluate sleep treatment in children with DS and how this impacts on function, behaviour and cognition. A qualitative study evaluating the impact of sleep problems on families of children with DS is also just being developed. We are also evaluating new methods for evaluating OSA in children with DS which may be alternatives to the gold standard sleep study assessment. 


Jasneek Chawla

Dr Jasneek Chawla

Consultant Physician in Paediatric Respiratory & Sleep Medicine
Queensland Health