• Biomedical engineering
  • Neuroscience

Location:  SBMS, St Lucia

Type of student:  Both types will be considered (i.e. flexible with project)

The Neuromuscular Biomechanics research group has multiple projects in several areas.
We are a multidisciplinary team and are always looking for people with new insights and complementary skills in medicine, engineering, computer sciences, mathematics, human movement sciences, and physiology to join our team. 

The overarching goal of our research is to optimize movement throughout the lifespan, in health and disease. We a have three particular focus areas:

  1. DISCOVERY SCIENCE - we aim to unravel the mechanisms of muscle-tendon function using experiments and computational models, with the goal of translating these insights to inform clinical practice.
  2. INNOVATION – we develop and use innovative imaging technologies to to understand how the anatomy and mechanics of the musculoskeletal system adapt to challenges as a result of changes in body size, aging, and neuromuscular disease.
  3. WEARABLE ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES - we design and apply personalised wearable assistive technologies, such as exoskeletons and prosthetics, to augment healthy and to restore impaired movement.



Dr Taylor Dick

School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine