Field: Immunology

Location: UQ Diamantina Institute

Type of student: Both PhD/MPhil and Volunteer

Our laboratory focuses on investigating the immune defects leading the destruction the insulin producing cells of the pancreas and type 1 diabetes and studying immunotherapeutic strategies to correct these defects. We use both animal models and clinical samples and utilize techniques such as proteomics, flow cytometry, cell based assays of immune cell function and gene expression analysis. We are investigating several different strategies to restore immune tolerance including targeting regulatory T cells, inhibiting the Th1/Th17 axis and nanoparticle mediated antigen-specific therapy.

  • Combination immunotherapy to Improve regulatory T cell function and inhibit effector T cells for treatment of type 1 diabetes
  • Inhibition of the Th1/Th17 axis for type 1 diabetes prevention.

Prerequisite skills: Some understanding of immunology.


Dr Emma Hamilton-Williams

Dr Emma Hamilton-Williams

Group Leader and Senior Research Fellow
The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute