Field: Paediatric critical care

Location:  Child Health Research Centre, and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Level 4, Queensland Children’s Hospital

Type of student: Medical student with research interest

Type of work: Clinical research

Brief synopsis:  Research opportunities exist in the area of Long-term outcome following paediatric critical illness.

Currently the following opportunities are available:

1. Systematic Reviews: Literature searches, undertaking and manuscript preparation of systematic reviews around a) psychological b) family and c) functional outcomes. Students are invited to be a part of the research team for the systematic review and subsequent publication. Students are only expected to only choose one topic for systematic review, not all.

2. Data cleaning and analysis: Cleaning, coding and assistance with analysis of long-term outcome dataset with outcomes in child a) neurodevelopment, b) distress, (c) behaviour, and (d) quality of life. In addition, the following parent/family outcomes are also available for analysis: (a) family impact, (b) family functioning, (c) parental distress, and (d) parental health behaviours. Parental long-term outcome research priorities can also be explored. Students are invited to be a part of the research team for the data cleaning and analysis and subsequent publications. Students are only expected to choose one topic for analysis, not all.

Prerequisite skillsUndergraduate degree

Time frameCurrent (available now)

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Dr Deborah A Long

Nurse Researcher
Child Health Research Centre