Field: Cerebral palsy

Location: Centre for Children's Health Research

Type of student: PhD or MPhil only

Type of work: 

  • Chart review
  • Clinical work
  • Literature review
  • Qualitative methods
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Systematic review

Dr Katherine Benfer has been awarded the QEII jubilee Fellowship and an NHMRC Early Career fellowship to conduct an RCT in Kolkata India of a novel parent to parent training randomised trial of goal directed, active motor training with environmental enrichment for children identified to be at high risk of CP aged between 3-9 months. This study continues in India during 2017-2018 and then will be developed as an RCT of LEAP-CP for indigenous children at high risk of CP in Northern Australia (based in Cairns).

Student opportunities
1. Measurement and quantification of asymmetries of upper limb and gross motor abilities (using Wearable sensors) in LEAP-CP for an OT/PT PhD.

2. Very Early Detection of Cerebral Palsy using General Movements/ HINE as biomarkers of early development in infants at risk of cerebral palsy in a low/middle income country (LEAP-CP India) and in a population of indigenous children in Northern Australia (LEAP-CP Australia) for a Medical, PT/OT PhD.

3. Tailoring of EARLY Parenting Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for families of infants diagnosed early as at risk of CP (EARLY PACT, with Dr Koa Whittingham) to implement in India (LEAP-CP India and LEAP-CP Australia).

Time frame: Commencing in 2018

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