Field: Surgery and subspecialties

Location: Queensland Children's Hospital

Type of student: Extra-curricular only

Type of work: Chart reviews

Brief synopsis: 

Laryngomalacia is a disorder of infancy. A subset of patients with laryngomalacia require surgical intervention by way of supraglottoplasty. Anecdotally, this cohort of patients appears to be more likely to go on to develop childhood sleep disordered breathing as compared to patients without laryngomalacia. We plan to undertake a retrospective cohort study reviewing the charts of all patients undergoing supraglottoplasty at QCH from the hospital’s opening on 29/11/2014 until 31/03/2021 to ascertain which patients have gone on to develop sleep disordered breathing. 

Time frame: 08/03/21 - 03/05/21


Dr Angelica Lynch

Principal House Officer
Queensland Health