• Geriatrics
  • Health services
  • Surgery and subspecialties

Location: Centre for Health Services Research

Type of student: Higher Degree Research only i.e. PhD or MPhil (intercalated MD-PhD & MD-MPhil)

Type of work: 

  • Chart reviews
  • Clinical work
  • Literature review
  • Qualitative methods
  • Statistical analysis
  • Systematic review

Brief synopsis:

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for Older Elective Vascular Surgery Patients to Increase Attainment of Patient-Identified Goals.

Frailty is highly prevalent in Vascular Surgery patients and is associated with poor postoperative outcomes. Given the risks, it is essential that Surgeons understand what patients hope to achieve by having elective surgery. Preoperative Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) has been shown to improve outcomes; however, it is not known whether it helps surgical patients to achieve their goals.

This project will explore frailty and patient-prioritised goals in older patients awaiting elective vascular surgery at Princess Alexandra Hospital and will examine whether CGA influences attainment of these goals. It will be a mixed-methods study. 

Prerequisite skills: As a HDR, the student would be supported to acquire research skills. This project is best suited to a clinician-researcher.


Dr Emily Gordon

Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Health Services Research