Start / end date: November 2019 - ongoing

Funding source: Toowoomba Hospital Foundation Research Grant and Rural Medical Education Australia

We know that much of the learning by medical trainees (i.e. registrars, junior doctors and students) arises through their experiences in clinical activities and interactions with other healthcare professionals. Also, it is broadly suggested that this learning can be improved by enhanced clinical teaching strategies. This study aims to explore in detail how clinicians engage in their teaching practices and offer ways in which they can engage collegiately to view and review their practices. Using a combination of interviews and video reflexive ethnography, rural medical practitioners, nursing and allied health will observe and evaluate how they have participated in and optimised their learning experiences. Overall, this study offers innovative approaches to developing healthcare professionals capabilities to appraise and reconstruct strategies for effective clinical teaching and learning.

Project members

  • Associate Professor Megan O’Shannessy, Rural Medical Education Australia and Griffith University
  • Professor Stephen Billett, Griffith University
  • Associate Professor Rola Ajjawi, Deakin University
  • Dr Brendan Carrigan, DDHHS and Rural Medical Education Australia
  • Linda Furness, DDHHS and Joanne Hilder Gold Coast Health

Dr Christy Noble

Clinical Learning & Assessment Lead
Office of Medical Education
Affiliate Senior Lecturer
School of Pharmacy
Andrew Teodorczuk

Professor Andrew Teodorczuk

Program Convenor
Office of Medical Education