Group collaborative learning

Engagement in continuous professional learning (CPL) is a normal part of any medical career, but learning about teaching and learning is not a typcial focus of CPL. Further, we do not know enough about the ways that CPL focused on teaching and learning changes clinicians conceptions of teaching and learning, or their teaching practices. This project aims to address this deficit and thereby give us a clearer understanding of those impacts, which in turn will help us to better design CPE about learing and teaching, and promote clinicians to engage in it.



Calvin Smith is the CI for this project.

Calvin Smith, BA(Hons), GCertHEd, PhD is Associate Professor and Academic Lead for Professional Development in the Office of Medical Education, at The University of Queensland. His research focuses on the related themes of clinician-educator identity formation, clinician engagement in professional learning about teaching, and faculty development methods. Previous work focused primarily on theorising the impact of aspects of work-integrated learning curriculum on student learning and the development of employability with a particular focus on integrative learning, employability skills, lifelong learning and professional identity formation. The recipient of multiple internal and external research and development grants exceeding $1 million, Calvin’s work has emphasized the importance of clarity in conceptualisation and oprationalization of constructs, and the use of appropriate research designs to answer useful questions about curricula. Calvin was Chief Investigator and Chief Investigator on the ALTC/OLT project Measuring The Impact Of WIL On Employability (2012-2014). Prior to that he was a co-leader of the OLT project Measuring and Reporting Teaching Quality (2010-2012), led an ALTC Extension Grant Project focused on student employability (2011) and was co-lead on The National GAP project (2008-2009).

Associate Professor Calvin Smith

Academic Lead for Staff Development
Office of Medical Education