Field: Cerebral palsy

Location: Centre for Children’s Health Research

Type of student: PhD or MPhil only

Type of work: 

  • Chart review
  • Clinical work
  • Literature review
  • Qualitative methods
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Systematic review

Aims: To improve psychological outcomes for families of infants at risk of CP by testing EARLY PACT, utilising web-based delivery for maximum reach and parental convenience. Parenting is the key modifiable factor that impacts upon children’s psychological and social wellbeing.

Design: RCT where parents of infants at risk of CP (n=126) from around Australia will be allocated to: PACT or wait-list control. Intervention: PACT is based on behavioural parenting interventions and parental emotional responsiveness. Content includes: understanding parenting stress, exploring of the workability of struggling with parenting stress, understanding parenting values, understanding and practicing mindfulness, accepting emotions and promoting emotional resilience. EARLY PACT incorporates: virtual presentations, MP3 guided mindfulness exercises, emails, text messages, web-based exercises with feedback and web based sessions with a child psychologist.

Time frame: Commencing in 2018

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Professor Roslyn Boyd

Child Health Research Centre

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Dr Koa Whittingham