Field: Kidney disease

Location: Ochsner Clinical School

Type of student: Both types will be considered (i.e. you are flexible with your project/s)

Type of work: Chart reviews, Clinical work, Literature review, Wet lab work

Brief synopsis: 

The hypothesis is that a urine score based on presence and number of granular casts and renal epithelial cell casts could be utilized in patients with AKI and cirrhosis to predict therapeutic response to vasoconstrictors in hepatorenal syndrome as well as need for dialysis

Role of student researcher: data collection, urine collection, processing and microscopic examination, image capture and storage, Excel file handling

Objective: submission of abstract as 1st author to a regional/national meeting. Co-authorship in a future manuscript(s), possibly 1st or 2nd authorship.

Prerequisite skills: Microsoft Word and Excel



Dr Juan Carlos Velez

Dr Juan Carlos Velez

Associate Professor
Ochsner Clinical School