• Medical education

  • Mental health 

Location: Medical School Herston

Type of student: 

  • Higher Degree Research only i.e. PhD or MPhil (intercalated MD-PhD & MD-MPhil) 
  • Extra-curricular only (this represents volunteer research opportunities that students may do during spare time and holiday periods) 
  • Both HDR and Extra-curricular 

Type of work: 

  • Literature review 
  • Qualitative methods 
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Statistical analysis 
  • Systematic review

Brief synopsis

This study is designed to incorporate a cross-sectional and longitudinal approach to examine medical and health professions student personal characteristics and performance on several academic, professional and personal criterion variables throughout their degree.

Gathering personal characteristics and perceptions of students throughout their education may help us identify important triggers and/or indicators of student vulnerability to stressors during their degree which may threaten their mental and physical health.

Prerequisite skillsWriting skills, Excel data management and SPSS, and some knowledge of statistical analysis

Time frame: No critical timeframe


Professor Di Eley

Director (Research Training)
Research Strategy and Support (Medicine)
Office of Medical Education