Field: Public health

Location: National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research (UQ St Lucia)

Type of student: Both HDR and Extra-curricular

Type of work: 

  • Literature review
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Systematic review

Brief synopsis:

The aim of this work is to identify what side effects are commonly experienced by users of e-cigarettes and users of traditional forms of nicotine replacement (e.g., nicotine patches, gum or lozenges).

The motivation for this is to attempt to understand the increased uptake of e-cigarettes as a form of nicotine replacement therapy relative to the low levels of engagement seen for existing NRTs. This work will review randomised controlled studies and longitudinal cohort studies for the frequency and type of adverse events that are reported by users of e-cigarettes and traditional NRTs. It is hypothesised that the increased engagement with NRTs may be driven by either a reduction of adverse events among e-cigarette users, or a profile of adverse events that resembles that of cigarettes, which the user may be accustomed to.

Prerequisite skills: Experience conducting systematic reviews is preferred but not required


Dr Daniel Stjepanovic

Research Fellow
National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research