Field: Biomedical engineering

Location: St Lucia campus

Type of student: Voluntee/rextra-curricular

Accurate surgical targeting means less trauma and better outcomes. This project will help build a testbed/phantom (in collaboration with UWA as part of ARC DP160100714) [1]. Though this we will create and validate a novel integrated framework for biomedical systems that can place a needle into a lesion accurately. The need is pressing. Needles are used in over half of all surgical procedures; yet, up to 38% of these are affected by targeting errors. Ref: [1] Ma, J., et al. "Evaluation of accuracy of non-linear finite element computations for surgical simulation: study using brain phantom." Computer methods in biomechanics and biomedical engineering 13.6 (2010): 783-794. 

Prerequisite skills: METR4202 or MECH3200|3300|3410

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Dr Surya Singh

Senior Lecturer
School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering