Field: Neuroscience

Location: UQCCR

Type of student: Volunteer/extra-curricular (this would be similar to an Honours student)

Type of work: Literature review

The project will involve two key aspects:

Task 1 Protocol Paper
Participation in the development of a protocol paper that involves background research in the field, designing a protocol; It is expected that there will be a publication from this work.

Task 2 International Collaborative Network
The project will involve building an international collaborative network for clinicians and scientists to engage with and raise the profile of N-of-1 studies and single case study designs.

1. Valerian protocol using a multiple baseline single case study design for insomnia - The medical student can participate in the development of a protocol paper; that will require them to review the literature, contribute to the background of the project; assist with the design and methodology of the project and expected outcomes. This will lead to a publication in the field of sleep medicine.
2. International collaboration network - The medical student will also contribute to the continued growth of an international collaboration network specialising in N-of-1 trials and single case study designs. The student will work under the supervision of Associate Professor Jane Nikles and Dr. Thomas Harris with generating interesting ideas on N-of-1 trials and single case study designs to inform and engage members of the group. The student will need to conduct background research and generate research posts that will engage the members. This information will be communicated to the members of the group via its established google group page. Additional, the student will need to email prospective members, scientists and clinicians to identify if they may be interested in joining the collaborative network.

Time frame: As soon as possible


Dr Jane Nikles

Dr Jane Nikles

Senior Research Fellow
UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Dr Thomas Harris

Dr Thomas Harris

Adjunct Fellow
UQ Centre for Clinical Research