Field: Surgery and subspecialties

Location: Ochsner Clinical School

Type of student:

  • PGY1 
  • PGY2 

Type of work:

  • Chart reviews 
  • Literature review 
  • Statistical analysis 

Brief synopsis:

Bariatric Surgery at a Community Hospital: the main thesis is to review all bariatric cases done at the Ochsner Baton Rouge over last three years for various variables such as complication rate, length of stay, blood loss, etc. and to compare to “the Center of Excellence” of bariatric surgery outcomes. My experience indicates that the bariatric surgery in a community hospital is equal, if not better than “the Center of Excellent.”

Robotic Cholecystectomy: Personal Experience. This study is to review last three years of all robotic cholecystectomy performed by 4 general surgeons at a single institution from a start-up program to the current state. The study will review the variables such as complications, blood loss, length of stay, readmission rate, conversion rate to open, learning curve rate, and discuss various ways to do the same surgery.

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: Survey of all lumpectomy cases of last five years, and conduct phone surveys. With the survey scores, need to classify patients into various classifications of personal satisfaction. Actual patient follow ups which may result in a secondary oncoplastic surgery to increase patient satisfaction with better asthetics with improved/equivalent oncological outcomes.