Researcher biography

Geoff. Mitchell is Professor of General Practice and Palliative Care, and head of the MBBS Program at Ipswich.

Professor Mitchell's main research interest is in the role of General Practitioners in palliative care. His other research interests are in GP management of chronic and complex conditions including Pain and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and in quality issues in General Practice. He has authored over 140 refereed journal articles, as well as numerous book chapters and reports in these and other areas of clinical general practice. He was awarded his PhD in May 2005.

He was involved in the development of a Hospice and a regional palliative care network in Ipswich, Queensland, and was the inaugural Director of the Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education. In 2008, he authored a book entitled "Palliative care: a patient centered method". He has co-authored clinical handbooks of Palliative Care entitled "The Blue Book of Palliative Care", and "Therapeutics Guidelines: Palliative care", and a national report into the palliative care education and support needs of GPs in palliative care. He maintains a clinical general practice in Ipswich, Queensland. He also heads a research program utilising n-of-1 trial design for the evaluation of treatments in patient groups with small numbers, or people who are difficult to retain in more standard treatment trials.