Sue-Ann has worked in research at the University of Queensland for 12 years.  The last six years have seen her in the School of Medicine coordinating N-of-1 trials in areas where randomised controlled trials are difficult (e.g. palliative care, paediatric brain injury). Prior to that, she worked in the School of Psychology with the Triple P Parenting Program. She has also worked in areas of Health Promotion and Cancer Prevention and in Family Psychology.  She is a member of the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4) and her current research interest is N-of-1 trial design and she is involved in Palliative Care.

Sue-Ann is now a full-time PhD Scholar within the NHMRC Centre for Excellence in Integrated Primary/Secondary Care and her research centres on The BASIC Palliative Care Project (Better Assessment, Support and Interdisciplinary Care).

Areas of research