Researcher biography

Maria has a background in social and health psychology and has been involved in public health research since 1991. She has expertise in mixed methods research and evaluation, particularly in relation to health services research. Maria has been involved with the evaluation of complex health care interventions that involve change processes across multiple system levels. These interventions and evaluations have taken place in a range of health care settings including local communities and health services, as well as state and national policy-based health care and health care reform initiatives. Her areas of research have included sexual health, young people's mental health, suicide prevention and mental health promotion as well as the prevention and management of chronic disease, with a focus on diabetes behavioural research. Maria is a Senior Research Fellow with the University of Queensland's NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Quality and Safety in Integrated Primary-Secondary Care. Her former roles have included teaching and research at the University of Queensland's School of Public Health where she was a Senior Lecturer between 2006 and 2012. She also spent seven years in teaching and research at the University of Queensland's Centre for Primary Health Care and five years before that as a researcher with the National Centre for HIV Social Research.

Areas of research