Hilary graduated with her MBBS in 2016 and received her MSc in 2017.

She has pursued a General Surgery residency with the goal of doing translational research alongside clinical practice.

She hopes to return to the NIH to continue research there with her mentors and former supervisors.


Hilary’s research examines whether Increased Surface Expression of Inhibitory Molecules Correlates with Decreased Cytotoxic T cell-Mediated Lysis in Stress-Induced Drug Tolerant Melanoma.


Title: Resistance to therapy in metastatic melanoma: Comparing the expression of immune inhibitory modulators in vitro with refractory metastatic melanoma patients

Dr James Wells, PhD, and Helmut Schaider, MD, Diamantina, Translational Research Institute (TRI)

Dr Li Li, MD, PhD, Ochsner Hospital, Laboratory of Translational Cancer Research