Dr Flaws is a psychiatry registrar, and already an accomplished researcher. He has collaborated with leading investigators including Professors Alison Mudge, Gerard Byrne, and Louise Cullen on numerous papers, which have been highlighted in The Lancet, and others.

The EDACS score, produced as part of his PhD thesis, is now being used to assess chest pain in Emergency Departments throughout New Zealand, and has garnered significant international attention. It has been discussed in the New England Journal of Medicine’s “Journal Watch”, and was recently recommended by the Indian College of Cardiology to assess low-risk chest pain in emergency departments across India.

Since choosing to specialise in psychiatry, he is now applying these principles to predicting delirium.

He was one of six doctors to be awarded one of the prestigious Junior Doctor Research Fellowships in 2016. He also received the Metro North “Rising Star” Junior Researcher of the Year award in 2016.