As a medical student and research candidate at the University of Queensland, I aspire to establish a biomedical research and development company aimed at curing disease with an outcomes-based approach and first principles thinking.

Currently, my research examines dopamine, the chemical in the brain that allows us to make value judgments. At its best, it makes us fall in love, follow our passions and persevere in hard times. At its worst it causes addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. My thesis will look at how this chemical acts on the part of the brain that coordinates emotional expression, the region that makes you smile, scream, laugh and cry.

By helping lay the foundations for understanding how we feel and express emotions, I hope to advance us towards cures for the disorders above. This means looking for new targets for drugs and deep brain stimulation, a technique whereby pacemakers are surgically implanted into the brain to control abnormal activity. Through these methods, I am confident that we may harness dopamine for the betterment of mankind.