Pamela is a Senior Lecturer at the Discipline of General Practice, University of Queensland.

Pamela has been in general practice since 1985, working over the years in indigenous health, women’s health, and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender health, as well as in family medicine. Her area of research expertise is post-birth care and the unsettled baby. She has received two PHCRED Fellowships and in 2009 was awarded the Chris Silagy Scholarship by the RACGP Foundation for her research concerning babies who cry and fuss in the first months of life. Highlights include publishing on this topic in 2011 as the editor's choice and lead article in the BMJ, and as lead article in Archives of Disease in Medicine.

Pamela’s PhD in Women's Studies explores the way contemporary representations of the reproductive maternal body impact on mother and baby health.

Research projects have included:

RACGP Foundation and Queensland Centre for Mothers and Babies. Evaluation of an interdisciplinary approach to crying babies in the first months of life: pilot study.

RACGP Foundation. Key Informant Interviews: interdisciplinary perspectives on key strategies for improving the management of crying babies in the first months of life.

RACGP Foundation. Evaluation of an interdisciplinary training program for health professionals who manage unsettled babies in the first months of life.

She is currently a Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and memberships include the Australian Association for Academic Primary Care, Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine and the Australian Association of Infant Mental Health.

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