Sanne has been working as a GP researcher with the Discipline of General Practice since 2012. She is currently working on concerns from consumers and healthcare professions about medication use. She uses information from medicine call centers to better understand the information needs or gaps in knowledge. Sanne has focused on complementary medicines as well as questions around vaccination, pregnancy and other themes. Previously, while working at Bond University, she was involved in the clinical component of a large study into the immunological markers in chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sanne originally trained in the Netherlands where she completed her medical degree, her specialty training in general practice, Masters of Clinical Epidemiology and a PhD looking at phytoestrogens, a complementary medicine used to alleviate menopause related symptoms, using a wide array of research designs including randomised controlled trial, cohort studies and cross-sectional designs.

As well as her work at UQ Sanne works as a General Practitioner in Mount Tamborine.