B.Med.Sci. (Tas), MBBS (Tas), DTMH(Lon), D.IMC.RCS(Ed), FACEM, FACRRM

Dr Greg Treston is an Australian trained Emergency Physician who has worked extensively in Emergency Medicine across the continent, from small outer suburban EDs, to regional and rural hospitals, to major tertiary referral centres. 

As a specialist in Rural and Remote medicine he has worked at isolated rural health centres in both Australia and around the world, as well as in suburban General Practice. He has a strong interest in practical, clinical research and has authored or co-authored Emergency Medicine research papers for over 20 years, as well as numerous presentations at local, national, and international Emergency Medicine and Anaesthetic conferences. As Director of Emergency Medicine across a number of sites, he has driven improvement in Emergency Medicine performance metrics to facilitate safer, more timely patient management, facilitating better access to care for patients.

Along this journey he has directly contributed to the training of hundreds of Medical Students and Doctors in Training. His major research interests are safe and effective Emergency Department Procedural Sedation, and improving Emergency Department Performance Metrics through data-driven analysis and innovation. He is a strong believer in the use of technology as a time-saving tool in ED to aid clinicians in the delivery of patient care, thus allowing the clinician to focus on the uniquely human and inter-personal aspect of Emergency Medical Care.