Sam is an early career researcher investigating the role of advanced imaging methods in perioperative medicine and critical care. His thesis is centred around the application of novel neuroimaging techniques for individualising the haemodynamic management of patients undergoing surgery and identifying patients at risk of perioperative organ injury. Sam’s previous research experience includes multiple presentations and publications in the areas of neuroimaging, intraoperative monitoring and brain injury, internships at leading research institutes in Australia and abroad, and multiple research awards, scholarships and grants. He is currently based at the Prince Charles Hospital Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) and the Princess Alexandra Hospital Anaesthetic Department.

In his spare time, Sam is an aspiring athlete, having competed in the 2012 State Rugby Union conference and achieving a perfect score in the 2014 QLD Chemical Analysis tournament (accurately titrating to four decimal places). Nowadays, if you keep your eyes peeled, you may catch a glimpse of him in his lycra cycling around Brisbane’s Inner North.