Zorana Lynton is an MD/PhD student at The University of Queensland and Queensland Brain Institute under the supervision of Dr. Laura Fenlon and Prof. Linda Richards. She is investigating how the brain re-wires following a drastic anatomical change, the absence of a corpus callosum, via a phenomenon called plasticity. While Zorana uses a combination of paediatric and adult mouse models, she intends to apply this knowledge in clinical contexts to (1) understand the aetiologies of possible conditions of mis-wiring such as autism and schizophrenia, and (2) determine the most effective modes of developmental plasticity that can be enhanced in adult brains. 

Prior to starting her PhD, Zorana completed a BSc Honours (First Class) in Neuroscience from the University of Calgary, Canada. In addition to neuroscience research, Zorana’s professional interests include medical education and science communication. 

Outside of the clinic and lab, Zorana enjoys baking cookies, winter sport, and spending time with her family.