Discussion re Suitable Examiners (re Nomination of Examiners form)
It is essential that, at some stage during the TR process, ideally at the Interview, a discussion takes place between the candidate, the Advisor/s and the Review Panel regarding at least 3 suitable Examiners (and a Chair of Examiners) for the candidate's PhD examination. 

The reason for the above is that it will be expected that no later than one month prior to the candidate's submission, the candidate/Advisors will supply the School with a completed Nomination of Thesis Examiners form, containing the details of 3 examiners (and a Chair of Examiners).  Two examiners, plus a reserve, are required, hence the requirement for 3 examiners to be nominated.

The Thesis Review process has 4 components:

Written component

Accepted formats

All of the following (1-3) to be submitted:

(1)     Summary information about the thesis -

           a.  Thesis title

           b.  Thesis preliminary pages (as per the Grad School website)

(2)     Expanded Contents/Outline of thesis

(3)     A draft of at least one complete chapter for the thesis (not the Introduction chapter - preferably the Discussion chapter)

           Where the candidate is going to submit a thesis by publication (in full or in part), the bibliographic details of these publications.

Word limit

Not applicable

Quality expectations

The submitted material must be of a quality that is consistent with submission of a thesis within 3 FTE months.


Document to be submitted at least 4 weeks before the proposed oral presentation date. 

Assessment process

The document/s must be deemed satisfactory by the Review Committee so that they are of the opinion that a thesis of acceptable quality will be produced within 3 FTE months.

Oral component

Accepted formats

Research Seminar at Institute/School level


Oral presentation at national or international meeting (at which some representative of the research advisory team or School is present).


For research seminar, 20-30 minutes, plus question time of 10-15 minutes. For oral presentation at conference, at least 10 minutes plus question time.

Quality expectations

The seminar would be expected to be of a standard that shows that the candidate can communicate their research work to a wide scientific audience.


3 FTE months prior to the expected submission date of the thesis
OR, if the oral component was delivered at a previous conference or meeting, then it must have been within the past 3 FTE months prior to TR interview (ie within 6 FTE months prior to the proposed thesis submission date).

Assessment process

Ability to handle questions following the seminar.



  1. Candidate
  2. Review team (consisting of at least one Reader, Chairperson (PGC or nominee), Principal Advisor

Expected duration

30-45 minutes

Quality expectations

At this stage of candidature, the candidate is an experienced early-career researcher and the expectation is that they would participate in the interview in a collegiate manner and provide critical input into matters being discussed.


3 months FTE before the expected submission date.

Assessment process

The candidate needs to be able to answer questions and expand on any points raised by the Review Committee, to the Committee's satisfaction. The interview will resolve any issues that have become apparent. There will be an opportunity for the candidate to speak to the review committee members without the Advisor/s present and/or for the Advisor/s to speak to the committee without the student present.

Written Feedback


The Review Committee will provide written feedback to the School's PGC who will then endorse the feedback and pass it on to the candidate.


Written feedback will be provided to the candidate via the PGC within 2 weeks of the interview.