1. Overview

The Medicine Program at UQ is a full-time, professional degree program which prepares students for safe and effective clinical practice. The program emphasises the need for students to take responsibility for their own learning, and to develop practices that support a sustainable work-life balance within a demanding profession.

Students must maintain continuous full‐time enrolment over the course of this full time program, with classes commencing in January each year and concluding in November. Attendance at all clinical placement sessions is a prerequisite to effective participation and learning in the program. These guidelines are designed to support adult learning approaches, while at the same time emphasising the importance of clinical immersion and professional development in this phase of the program. In accordance with the UQ Student Charter, the Faculty of Medicine requires students to abide by the attendance and leave processes outlined in these guidelines.

These guidelines do NOT apply to absences that prevent a student from completing a scheduled assessment. Guidelines for deferred examinations and/or the respective Electronic Course Profile (ECP) are relevant in such cases.