1. Overview

The MD Program at UQ is a full-time program. Classes commence in January/February each year and conclude in November. Key dates relating to the academic calendar for the MD Program are published on the Program website.

Phase 1 comprises the first two years of the MD Program. A number of teaching and learning activities in this phase occur in small groups and involve the development of skills such as working as part of a team and collaborative learning, which cannot be acquired in other ways. Many activities are offered only once a year. For these reasons, absences can impede a student’s academic performance and progression, and have a negative impact on other students’ learning.

These guidelines detail attendance requirements in Phase 1 of the MD Program, as well as procedures for requesting a Leave of Absence.

These guidelines do NOT apply to absences that prevent a student from completing a scheduled assessment. In such cases, please refer to the deferred examination guidelines and/or to the relevant Electronic Course Profile (ECP).