Year 1 Observership (Study Tour)

If you would like to apply for a Study Tour (at one of our partners) will need to do so with in the specified dates on the Study Tour page

Year 1 Observership (non-Study Tour)

If the partner offers placements to Year 1 students and you are interested in applying please contact in the first instance. The School will then advise you as to how to apply. 

Phase 2 Rotation

If you would like to complete a rotation with a partner please follow the guidelines specified on the Phase 2 Placements page. 

U21 Clinical Placement Program 

5 free clinical placements are offered to UQ through the U21 Clinical Placement Program each year at anyone of the subscribed universities.

Each U21 university has different application deadlines which can be found here under the correlating year you wish to apply for. Placements will be allocated on a "first come, first served" basis. 

If you are interested in completing a placement through U21 please fill in the U21 Certification Form and email it to in the first instance. If there are enough places available (in the program) and you are an eligble students (for your chosen university) we will return the signed form to you. You will then need  follow the partner university and UQ's process to apply for the placement. 

2017 places available: 5

Optional Elective

If the partner offers placements during your academic calendar breaks and you are interested in applying please contact in the first instance. The School will then advise you as to how to apply.